.accelerating performance

Despite faster pace of change, new technology and smart tools, businesses are slowing down.
We help our clients address real business challenges by building agile teams fit for the digital world. 

Complex internal structures, processes and behaviours mean it takes longer than ever to get things done.
Leaders complain (and research confirms):

  • There are too many meetings, with half of them unproductive, costing 20% of a companies annual salary bill
  • Decisions are taking too long – and internal costs explode as transaction times increase by a quarter every 2 years
  • Too much resistance to new ideas and change, staff claiming “we don’t have the time/money/IT/right people” – the lack of initiative and innovation costs the UK approx £65bn per year
  • Disengaged staff spend less than half of their time on work related tasks – and up to 75% of the workforce is not engaged 

“Moving a project along sometimes felt like wading through treacle. Working with Coincidencity changed that completely.”
  (SVP Strategic Projects, Retail Banking)

.accelerate, level up and grow

We help organisations cut through the obstacles, speed up their productivity, level up their performances and inspire their staff to greater engagement.

Our programs are ideal for: 

  • Cross-functional project teams that have to come together quickly and rely on collaboration and agility of working between team members.
  • Executive Leadership teams embarking on business transformation projects, responding to market trends and competitive pressures.
  • Operational Leaders ready to step up their performance in time of uncertainty, dealing with change fatigue and looking for more organic approaches to change.

Success Stories

Improving collaboration among sales and back office teams added 30% more sales within three months for a B2C services provider.

Agile working practices saved £350k of management time in 4 months for Financial Services firm.

Instilling a culture of leadership at all levels cuts reporting time by 65% and saves £150,000 per annum.

.working with us

Our tailored programs range from one-day discovery sessions to 6-month advanced strategic transformation. All our programs combine an energising mix of interactive workshops, individual and team coaching sessions, and guided capability development, aka homework, plus expert support throughout.

Our signature programs:
.the Future of Work

The Future of Work Discovery Day:

A one-day interactive workshop ideal for exploring what agile ways of working are, the benefits they bring, the successes experienced by organisations right now, and how to get started in your business. Often applied in executive away-days, you get a clear strategy and action plan for getting started – without having to wait for budgets, resources or IT solutions.

The Accelerated Performance Program:

A four months program of full and half-day interactive workshop sessions (can be held online), team coaching, guided capability development and access to expert support. The program kickstarts your program of transformation, builds innovative leadership capability and gives you a clear framework and the tools to address the most pressing obstacles right now.

The  Advanced Strategy Program:

Over six month this program equips your team with all the knowledge, experience and tools necessary for an integration transformation to agile working. You will build strong, self-managing teams that are capable of responding to any change and seek out innovation. Perfect to bring together teams from different organisational units and cultures.

Some of the things we cover in our programs:

.key themes

Employee Happiness and Engagement: 

Sustainable growth and performance relies on happy employees. Happy  businesses have 37% higher sales, suffer half the loss of skilled people and are three times as profitable as others. We show you how to build long-lasting engagement in your business. 

Overcoming Objections: 

Change is the only constant, yet leaders face objections at every turn. We give you the tools and structures to overcome objections and teach you how to build sustainable change into the DNA of your business.

Agile working and self-management – the future of work

Separating the truth from the myth, we introduce you to successful working practices fit for a digital world. We share the trends and own experiences of what works and what to avoid.

Behaviour change and Prototyping: 

Around 75% of change and transformation initiatives fail. We offer a unique approach to sustainable business change, based on behavioural economics, insights from neurosciences and grounded in real business dynamics, which cuts the risk and cost of failure. 

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients achieve great results. And that they build the internal capabilities and resilience to deal with challenges – now and in the future. Adaptive, creative, high-performing teams that collaborate and learn become the norm.

These results cannot be outsourced to consultants – you and your team must participate fully and take action – not just sit through powerpoint presentations (we don’t do them anyway).

We are deeply committed to the quality of our programs and are confident that our programs will deliver extensive benefits your organisation – our client’s average ROI is higher than 1:20.