The robots are coming – but humans are still needed

When thinking about robots in the workplace, we imagine something out of a sci-fi movie, a metal figure – cute or menacing, depending on if you are watching Terminator or Wall-E.However, the reality is that most robots in the workplace are unlikely to take corporeal form at all – most likely they are (or will […]

Life is a minestrone* – a food based explanation how too much data is killing your business transformation

Uh-oh. My alarm bells went off.I was having lunch with a friend from an international law practice, chatting about their digital transformation efforts. She was concerned about the people aspect – how to get buy in, define what the future of work will actually look like, skills required… and much more.The firm had started talking […]

What’s stopping Digital Transformation – three misconceptions and one key tip

No industry is immune to disruption. Are your competitors doing an “Uber”? Are the likes of Amazon, Apple or Google moving in on your territory in Finance, Telecoms, Transportation or Home accessories? And how about those AI’s that are replacing accountants, lawyers and doctors?To keep ahead of these threats, companies need to build digital into […]

Agility – why companies struggle to adapt to change

“…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin has never been truer than today.As political certainties are turned upside down and surprises come at us from all angles, organisations could add another rare certainty: CHANGE. And change is, err – changing.Of course, business has always […]


We all know that creating real positive change in organisations is tricky. So tricky, in fact, that 70% of change projects fail outright to achieve their objective. That means 70% of all that time, effort and money you’ve spent were futile. And your reputation?Seven out of ten times you put it on the line only to get […]


The one simple thing to engage your employeesHere they come: your company’s annual Employee Survey results. Do you wonder how you did?You open the report with trepidation. This is your people’s chance to tell you what they think – about their job, about the company, about you.It all gets packaged into a neat little report entitled […]