we are:

An association of experienced consultants, coaches, trainers, advisers, mentors, facilitators and business leaders with the shared passion to rehumanise work. We are driven to sharing our knowledge, tools and insight to create healthy organisations that are good for business and society.

why us?

We’re action biased; we don’t get lost in analysis paralysis. We take the time to understand your situation, sure. But instead of presenting you with template solutions designed in isolation, we help you prototype the best solution to your challenges. The prototyping approach lets you test ideas and learn quickly, without risk or great costs. It means you make progress from the get-go, not after months of painful waiting and uncertainty.

Our focus is not on impressing you with how great our methodologies and theories are, but on how to get you closer to your goals. It is our mission to make sure every time you talk to use, you come away with some practical tools and actions you can apply straight away to achieve your goals.

.meet the core team

Miriam Gilbert

My speciality is to help leaders unlock the collective intelligence and creativity of their teams, equip them with the tools to explore what it means to become lean/agile/digital; and show them how transformational changes can be made sustainable without the pain of traditional change projects.
Sharing my native Germany’s obsession with efficiency, design and effectiveness, I focus on deeply engaging your people and explore how new and agile ways of working bring real-world benefits to your business.
As a Chartered Accountant, I cannot help but keep a keen eye on my clients ROI, and my experience across multinational and medium-sized organisations in the private and public space mean I understand the dynamics of real operations. 


Deborah Henry-Pollard

I love inspiring people and working with them to find and build on their vision. I support clients by seeing both the big vision and the small next step. Focusing on the strengths in each person, I generate an atmosphere where people have the freedom to imagine their visions, which can then be transformed into realistic projects.
I am committed to supporting people in finding their own solutions and recognising their own potential.
I have a passion for linking people together so that complementary skills and collaborations (whether across arts and or business) can enhance everyone’s practice and career.
Apart from supporting corporate clients at Coincidencity, my mission is to work with creative individuals at Catching Fireworks to help them realise their personal passion.


Colin Newlyn

A pioneer in the cross-over of telecoms and technology, I have always seen the world a little differently, looked for possibilities and alternative approaches to the status-quo.
 I believe that the highly disruptive and dynamic markets that organisations find themselves in are full of opportunities to find new ways of working and really harness the ability of the people within them. The opportunity to build purposeful, adaptable, innovative and resilient organisations that people are fully engaged with is the prize within our grasp. I consult with organisations and coach individuals to help them work out how to become more adaptable and resilient so that they are better equipped to survive and thrive in this new environment. I bring an independent mind along with my strengths in analysis and creativity to work in partnership with my clients to discover the best way forward for them. Through dialogue, discovery and experimentation, and referring to a rich set of models and approaches, we co-create a programme that is well-suited to their specific requirements and circumstances.


.why us

Design Thinking, prototyping, agile, lean, organisational design, business model canvas-ing, self-management… we have experience in all of these, and we are not beholden to any particular purist methodology. Instead, we prefer to work with you based on your needs, using the tools that are appropriate to your situation.

.how we work

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