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“Problems cannot be solved with the same level of consciousness that created them in the first place” Albert Einstein

We work with businesses who want to be around in the future. Our clients are business leaders who are looking for ways to keep their businesses viable and profitable, regardless of what the economy or technology throws at them. They want their organisations to be vibrant, creative and effective places that attract great talent and contribute to society in full.

Real sustainability

Is not just about your carbon footprint (though it is pretty important!)

We help you develop the future ways of working that will really improve your business. We do this by enabling flexibility, improving communication and interaction, managing knowledge, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

As a result you get greater engagement, work satisfaction, pride and efficiency, better alignment of work needs and office environments, access to great talent pools and increased productivity.

Some things we do:

  • Consulting and coaching to uncover solutions
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Teaching creative problem solving
  • Gamification of processes
  • Merging storytelling with business cases
  • Developing social businesses
  • Corporate coworking
  • Introduction Activity Based Work styles

Why bother?
Traditional management practices are costing billions every year:
The UK loses £65bn per annum because employees are unengaged

Most common complaints

uninspiring work 50
feeling dis-engaged 70
working environment 75
old-fashioned management styles 79
would leave tomorrow or are actively looking to leave 85

Command and control is not working

The rate of change is speeding up. Changes in technology, science and society itself are affecting every aspect of our lives – and corporations are not excluded. Yet, too many businesses are still based on the organizational structures developed during the industrial revolution.

Quick fixes aren’t working

Many so called solutions seem to make matters worse: endless rounds of change programs, mergers, centralizations, process reengineering, technology implementations, yet the results of these initiatives are short-term at best. And the short-term is getting shorter!

It’s time for a new direction

As leaders, you know that agility is key and are keen to develop the creative muscles necessary. We support you in this by enabling your organization to tap into innovative talent pools within and out with the 4 walls of your office buildings.

We help you develop agilty

We don’t believe organisations should be soulless machines but know they more akin to complex eco-systems. Because we know that the best ideas cannot flourish if the ground is not well prepared, we help you shifting mindsets, build the case for change, and enable changes in the system that runs your organization

Introducing concepts like design thinking for creative problem solving

Fostering value connections through corporate coworking

Developing activity related workplaces to increase productivity

Applying rapid prototyping to test new initiatives

The results are happier, more energized workplaces, where productivity and effectiveness go up while wasting time and money on bureaucracy and silo mentality goes down.

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