Sustainable Transformation

We help to spark, orchestrate and embed organisational change

We work at corporate, business unit, departmental or team level. Helping your leaders and your people to understand their current problems in context, develop suggestions for solutions and implement new ways of working, all the while solving their most pressing issues.

Common results are:

  • Enhanced team productivity
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved collaboration
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Better knowledge management
  • Reduced absenteeism & staff turnover
  • More attractive to top talent
  • Higher business performance
  • More innovation

The way we work

The way in which we work is an iterative, experiment-led, conversation-based approach. We don’t believe in externally designed, large-scale change programmes or applying pre-defined models. Instead, we work with you to explore and understand your issues and co-create a way to move to your desired future.


What is the issue?

Get clear on the patterns causing your issues. Look beyond the obvious and get specific. What will have the biggest impact?


Understand and empathise

Look at what’s obvious and what isn’t. Dig into the history, the circumstances and, most important of all, see it from the perspective of the people involved. Walk in their shoes!


Generate ideas

Start off with mad, bad and impossible ideas. Go lateral and literal. Then, converge, select those to pursue and start creating prototypes.


Think with your hands

Get tangible and personal. Get practical and get building. Show and tell. Get feedback. Fail fast and fail cheap!


Live your story

Tell the story, walk its path, take the action, share and reflect. Then do it again!

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